Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time to Say Goodbye

We are moving homes and changing names but we will be having the smae great fun and adventures! Please find us at Thank you!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Limited Time Magic Celebrating Star Wars at Hollywood Studios

As a part of their "Limited Time Magic" celebration. Disney will be celebration "Star Wars Day" on May 4 this year at Hollywood Studios. The popular slogan "May the 4th be with you" captivates the Star Wars community as celebrations take place place across the nation.

In Hollywood Studios  celebrations will "features special Star Wars entertainment, characters, commemorative merchandise, a Star Wars dance party and a Star Wars-themed fireworks show to cap off the day."

You will find Star Wars characters roaming the park and even riding Star Tours! For the first time ever parents will be invited to join their children in the Jedi Training Academy.In usual Disney fashion an intergalactic dance party will wrap up the evening.

The Great White Way: Skagway

Today the ship docked in the first land bound port of call, Skagway. We booked the White Pass Rail Road excursion through DCL for later in the afternoon, so we decided to take the morning and explore the town. It was a 10 minute walk from the dock to the center o the town or a shuttle was available. We decided to walk it. Along the way we could see the Alaskan mountains around us. Even though it was June it was quite chilly. I wore my jeans, gore-tex sneakers, a flannel, a Denali North Face, a hat and I carried gloves. I did not regret having any of it!

The snow blower for the tracks

On the way into town we passed the huge snow blower they use to clear the train tracks. When you stand in front of it, it really puts mother nature and the beauty of this ild frontier in to prospective.There is a welcome center owned by the White Pass railroad right in the beginning of town, and you can find a restroom here if you need it.  The town is a small sleepy town consisting of a few blocks themed to a bygone gold rush era. There are many shops which we visited, some which have better deals then others. My advice to you is shop around and look for shops that are local owned as many are owned by cruise ships. There is also the famous Red Onion Saloon for a beer or some grub, and some seafood shacks that were closed down by the docks if you are hungry. We decided to eat breakfast on the boat and then grab a late lunch back onboard after our tour as it was not very long in order to save some money.

A cool looking store but cruise line owned

The infamous

After buying some souvenirs we head back to the dock for our tour. We met the Disney Cruise Line Port Excursion people right in front of the ship and walked just 2 minutes to board the train which is adjacent to the ship.

All Aboard!

You can basically take any seat you would like on the train and there was no problem finding seats. For those that are wondering the seats flip so you can get great views both ways. You can also go out on the platform between trains anytime during the trip to take in the view or pictures, however this is at your own risk. The platforms are basically safe but it can get a bit bumpy and the train does curve around the mountain so if you are faint of heart (like my husband) the ride is probably best enjoyed from inside the car.. I will warn you it also gets a bit cold after a while so if this is something you are considering button up.

The small platform you can share each car has one on each side

Comin' around the mountain

Yes, you do cross this

Simply Magnificent

This one you do not cross, it is now out of service

The trip up is pretty spectacular, you see magnificent vistas. It was exactly as I had imagined Alaska would be. The crisp air blowing in your face as you rode on the platform. The people we shared the car with were all cordial and friendly, allowing people to take turns on the platform. There was a tour guide who narrated the trip for us and this was a nice touch. Some people even spotted a bear beginning his decent down the mountain! Getting to the top is like reaching a different world, a tundra.

We waved to our fellow travelers on the next train as we waited for the trains to do a dance.  It was only 10 minutes or so but I remember those moments clearly as I thought this is Alaska! Unfortunately the trip back was anti-climatic. Actually it was quite boring. I wish there was something else you could do. I think there are other tours where you take the train half way, and then bike down and i would highly recommend doing something like that as the train both was was just too much. Almost everyone in our car was asleep! Oh well, that is why you read reviews like this so you can choose better then I did.

Later that evening we were just wiped out from , well doing nothing really. The train ride sort of does that do you. We ate dinner and the show that was playing was a "movie premiere". Disney Cruise Line is excellent at premiering first run movies, and it was showing Avengers in 3D which was a blast. We have also attended the Cars 2 premier on the Disney Dream and that was very cool. If they are showing a first run movie on your cruise, I highly recommend you attend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebrating 15 years of Disney's Animal Kingdom

I have been celebrating with a picture display of one of my favorite parks: Animal
Kingdom. Tomorrow is it's 15 year anniversary. This shot is iconic, and a must for all visitors!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Countdown to Animal Kingdom's Birthday-2 more days!

As a tribute to one of my favorite places in the world, Disney's Animal Kingdom. I will be posting pictures everyday until the parks anniversary on April 22nd. Words can not describe the natural beauty and theming of this park.  Today's picture is from the festival of the Lion King.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Countdown to Animal Kingdom's Birthday!

As a tribute to one of my favorite places in the world, Disney's Animal Kingdom. I will be posting pictures everyday until the parks anniversary on April 22nd. Words can not describe the natural beauty and theming of this park. I hope you enjoy this visual display.